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This page is the FAQ section. FAQ section is a place to answer the visitors' questions. Below is a list of questions we had asked till now.

What are Performing Keywords?

Part of many search engines, performing keywords are simple words you can type in a search engine instead of using general words in your mind  to take you to sites all over the internet.

Why did you create lists of performing keywords?

Our studies have shown us that as the web has grown, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to find the sites and resources they want.
And studies of new users have shown that search engines are not enough userfriendly. Because of these two problems, we created the search performing keywords system to help you quickly find sites in search engines for products, companies, and services without having to deal with long, messy lists of search engine results.
If you know the exact search terms to use during your search, the time you waste in search engines will decrease till %90.

How does the performing keyword lists work?

If you type a term in a search engine, the browser sends that request to seach engine system, the search engine system routes the request to a server computer at "your enquiry," and that server sends you many web pages including "your enquiry".
If you include a word or set of words, the browser sends those words to the search engines searching system. 

Our performing keywords system matches those words to a exact phrase and quickly redirects your search to a exact result. (Starting the same search process described above).
If our performing keywords system can't match the query you typed, you get a search keywords result on those words.
If you type airline, your browser will fetch many search results about airline companies, related articles, and un-related content sites. Typing northwest airlines will take you to more close results to your search query (if you search for united state airlines companies). If you type a generic word, you can't reach convenient results,and you will go to a page that has a variety of links to resources about that subject, or your query will be sent for another search site..

This is the technical explanation of why performing keywords system is needed. Any single or multiword strings typed into the search engines that don't include an exact phrase are sent via search engine servers. Our performing keywords listing system pulls the string and compares it to several separate lists of searched keywords pairs. If the keyword system finds a match, it shows it on the user's browser to reach a related website URL or the performing keyword pairs.
Failing a match against the lists, the user's browser is redirected to the main constant page of the dedicated website page with the typed string as the search query.

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